I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center in the University of Pennsylvania. My current research interests include gene expression and GWAS analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation.

I got my PhD from the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, where I was advised by Prof. Limsoon Wong. In the final year of my PhD, I was a visiting scholar at the Vadigepalli Lab in Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

As a part of my PhD, I developed approaches for the normalization and computational analysis of gene expression samples containing undeclared heterogeneity – either arising from diversity in underlying biological mechanisms, or from technical variation such as batch effects. At Jefferson, I applied these techniques on large-scale RNA-Seq and microarray datasets, especially focussing on liver diseases.

My CV is here.
I post my code on Github.


Abha Belorkar
Institute for Bioinformatics
3700 Hamilton Walk
D102 Richards Medical Research Building
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA – 19104
Email: {Firstname}.{Lastname}@pennmedicine.upenn.edu